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Uvac – Kayak Adventure

One of the biggest natural treasures of Serbia is special nature reserve `Uvac`. This area is of an exceptional importance of the first category and is located in southwest Serbia as a part of Stari Vlah-Raska highlands. River Uvac is the longest affluent of the River Lim and its source is at an altitude of 560 meters. The river Uvac is about 120 kilometers long. Uvac is regarded as one of the most visited destinations in Serbia. The core value and uniqueness of this area is observed in presence and nesting of a very rare and very small in numbers type of vulture – Griffon Vulture. Kayak sailing on Uvac offers the most attractive way to see the beauties of this canyon from completely different perspective. Two persons are being seated in a stable inflatable kayak, that is suitable for people without any prior experience, and then they move the kayak by using their own strength. As this is a lake, strength for moving is not an important factor. Kayak adventure covers 12 kilometers of the beautiful canyon, entrance in the cave, swimming in lakes on karst beaches and the climb on the most famous lookout `Molitva`(Eng. Prayer) as well, that is located only 2 kilometers walk from the lake.


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