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Mokra Gora

Mokra Gora spreads in the most western part of the municipality Užice, between southeast hillside of Tara and northwest hillsides of Zlatibor in Mokra Gora-Rzav valley. It belongs to the group of Zlatibor spread mountain villages the old Vlach type, where houses are spread over hills and mountain cliffs. It encompasses the area of 10.173 hectares, and median altitude of this area is 1000 meters. There are around 1000 people living here in 500 households, and their main work is in agriculture.

It has a characteristic of a good geographical position because it is on the main road from Belgrade to Sarajevo what makes it easily accessible and well connected as a tourist destination. The greatest value of this area are forests combined with water, and because of that, this area had settlements early on, even in time of the ancient Rome. Nature Park `Shargan - Mokra Gora `encompasses encircled valley of Mokra Gora and part of Kremna , the southeastern plateau of Tara, northeastern parts of Zlatibor and overpasses Shargan that stands between these two mountains. The whole area is a part of the far eastern branches of internal Dinarides. This place was built out of rocks that are proof of the long geological history.

High plateaus, valleys, steep hillsides and steep river gorges present unified landscape of extraordinary beauty. On the area of Mokra Gora and Kreman special riches are springs of healthy water. Most famous being highly alcaline spring `St. John the Baptist` (Bela Voda) on the right bank of Kamešina, highly alcaline Dulov spring in the Kamesine, the spring of salt water – Radovanove waters in Kotroman and mineral water spring – Glišove waters in the village Kremna. Water from these sources can be used for drinking or for bathing, and they are good for soothing skin and eye illnesses, gastritis, inflammation of bladder, secondary sterility and rheumatic illnesses. Waters of the Mokra Gora valley flows to Drina while waters of the Kremna valley flows to West Morava. The vegetationof this area is characterized by the presence of forests with trees such as pine, oak, beech and spruceOf almost 800 described species of the plants of this area, 60 of them or 7.5% are endemic. Among them, most notable are ‘Serpentinski tičinac’, ‘bosanska mišjakinja, `Pančićev lanak`, `monaški pucavčić` and `Serbian fragrant hellebore`. Different types of habitats make rich and diverse animal life of this nature park. There are many rare species of Waterworld and land such as `short toed snake eagle`, `fire salamander`, ‘white-breasted hedgehog`, `Mediterraneanbarbel` etc.


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