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When coming from the direction of Novi Sad, Belgrade, Kragujevac or Niš, on a main road, you find yourself on a slight ascent right after the village Čajetina on the northern hillside of Zlatibor, a peculiar scene will catch your eye: It will looks as if Zlatibor plateau is hugging the sky. Is there some kind of affection between the sky and this part of the Earth, where Mediterranean and continental climate meet? Who namedthis idyllic landscape `the wind rose`?  They say, `the wind rose` is a healing place – during the whole past century and two decades of the 19th century, since when Zlatibor is officially an air spa, this story is passed on. Affectionate hug of Mediterranean and continental climate has its traces only ten kilometers under the ZlatiborMountain, towards Užice: on vertical, stony, rocky sides next to the main road, visible are the remains of Pannonian Seawhose coast was once the Zlatibor plateau. Legend says that masons long ago made the road from Užice to Zlatibor forcing through manually, without any machines, and at one part of the road, called `the big curve`, they found big iron rings used to tie ships.

That story became legend because traces of the big iron rings does not exit and are figment of imagination. However, professionals are certain that under the whole Zlatibor massive there is alake. That theory proved to be true, considering that by drilling we already came across pure and healthy water deep inside of this mountain. Is this where the truth about health benefits of Zlatibor “is hidden”? Was this the reason for building the prestigious Hotel Zlatibor half a century ago?

As soon as you step on Zlatibor, whether from direction we just described, or from other, the south side, from Podgorica, Herceg Novi, Budva or Berane, or from the west, from Sarajevo, Sokoc and Andrićgrad, probably not just because of the healing `clash` of Mediterranean and continental climate, but also for pure joy – your lungs widen. Will and imagination united here the nature and people in two words – high tourism. The Hotel Palisad is located the center of the mountain, together with its facilities– the restaurant `Zlatni Bor`, The Congressional Center ‘Serbia’, football fields and tennis courts.

It was built with love by the people of Užice, and ennobled with love by people from Zlatibor. Skillfully matched into Zlatibor landscape, `surrounded` from all sides with pine forest, it instantly provokes a sigh:

Yes, that is the joy in the kingdom of white pines, talked about for decades.

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April in Zlatibor

April in Zlatibor

Three nights will be enough to feel the April magic in Zlatibor. Silence in the magic of the golden mountain with your loved ones. We offer  yo... More
per person per day FROM 33 eur
May 1st in Palisad Hotel

May 1st in Palisad Hotel

 How do you feel that you spend your work holiday with us? It seems like this is a package that everyone loves. The number of rooms is limited so... More
per person per day FROM 36 eur
Romantic package - Celebrate love

Romantic package - Celebrate love

The ideal destination for a mini getaway with your loved one is surely Zlatibor, and if you decide to stay in our hotel, we will make your vacati... More
per person per day FROM 38 eur