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Hotel Palisad Zlatibor


On this page you can find information about the hotel activities, and all the other activities on Zlatibor.


50 golden years

JULY 17. – On the occasion of celebrating “50 years of the Hotel Palisad”, on 8th of August 2015, Vlado Georgiev had a concert on the terrace of the hotel Palisad.

Hotel Palisad

MAY 21. – After the third phase of reconstruction Hotel Palisad, which became the symbol of tourism on Zlatibor during his five decades long existence, will change into a modern five star complex. New rooms, with a view on King`s square, lake and pine forest, are just part of the surprises that

Regular General Meeting of Shareholders of HTT AD "PALISAD" Zlatibor June 2020

14. may 2020. –   The regular session of the General Meeting of Shareholders of HTT AD "Palisad" Zlatibor will be held on June 15, 2020. at 12 noon in the company's premises on Zlatibor, Jezero bb.

Hotel Palisad offers the best from Zlatibor

FEBRUARY 26. – As a certain part of the leadership image of Zlatibor, Hotel Palisad marks its jubilee – half a century of existence – with a new interior concept and intensive investing in further development and strengthening the leadership. The increase in the number of nights spent at the Hotel and

Palisad hotel welcomed singers Vlado Georgiev, Goca Tržan and Jelena Tomašević!

MAY 25. – “Palisad” also presented itself in the same way to the visitors of this year’s tourism fair, where presentation of the current offer was supported by stars of our musical scene and friends of the hotel, Vlado Georgiev and Goca Tržan who came with her husband Raša and manage

Golden sounds of Zlatibor

26.09.20. – For the second time, a series of free concerts of classical music on Zlatibor This year, during two days, September 25 and 26, starting at 20:00, all interested citizens and visitors of Zlatibor will have the opportunity to enjoy the golden sounds and performances of famous compositions free of c

Interview, the director of the Hotel Palisad: Vojislav Janic

JULY 17. – In a conversation with `TU! ` magazine, the director of the Hotel Palisad reveals how far did the renovating of this `Zlatibor star` get and what are the next steps: `The thing that separates Palisad from other hotels on Zlatibor and the region is the fact that this hotel has a half a century l

Luxurious Zlatibor nights in the Hotel Palisad

MAY 9. – Escape from the city is always pleasant. Especially now, when the weather is nice and when it feels like everything is pulling us to move more, to go outside and spend time on the fresh air. And if we can somehow manage to combine this with mountain surroundings, then the weekend is better and we ca

Meet up with Sergej Pajic and Mateja Vukašinović

February 16th – Hotel "Palisad" on holidays for the youngest, and theirs parents, presents for the first time on Zlatibor, meet up with Sergej Pajić and Mateja Vukašinović. We have prepared an unforgettable party and fun, as well as the opportunity to hear their new songs, live for the first time. Come

Fashion Travel in Hotel Palisad on Zlatibor

APRIL 15. – On 24th Fashion Selection, as a part of Fashion Travel, in a beautiful ambience of the Hotel Palisad, fashion show of the Fashion House Allegra and the company Đak Sportwere held. Hotel Palisad, the symbol of the Zlatibor tourism, welcomed the participants of the Fashion Travel in a best possible w

`Palisad` preserved its soul

MARCH 24. – Quiet music. Guests are sipping their drinks and looking at the pieces of art of our most important painters between 19th and 20th century. Some of the guests are with children. They approach closer to the paintings, look closely at them and then they find out that those are the paintings of Sa

Invitation for the regular meeting of The Council of Shareholders

MAY 25. – Regular meeting of the Council of Shareholders will take place on 26th of June 2017. at the Shareholders’ headquarters on Zlatibor, settlement Jezero bb, beginning at 13:00 hours.

Tradition in a new glow!

OCTOBAR 15. – The hotel Palisad, as a symbol of tourism on Zlatibor, has a special place on a tourist map of Serbia. Thanks to the innovative strategy development and running business, jubilee of a half a century of existence, the hotel will celebrate fully prepared for further successful presence in areas of ind

The Great ones together

SEPTEMBAR 25. – In the year of its big jubilee, 50th birthday and finished renovation of the building, Hotel Palisad had a great honor and pleasure to welcome No.1 tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic and his wife Jelena.

Why the Hotel Palisad on Zlatibor is one of the elite ones: Everybody stayed here – from Tito to Lady Gaga.

FEBRUARY 23. – Because of the many guests from public life, Hotel Palisad on Zlatibor has, with full right, the epithet of a place for stars. During its 50 years of history, Hotel Palisad on Zlatibor welcomed many celebrities, from Josip Broz Tito, many years ago in 1971,to Lady Gaga in June last year.

Zlatibor became center of the Serbian fashion for four days!

APRIL 17. – On 24th Fashion Selection, as the part of Fashion Travel, in a beautiful ambience of the Hotel Palisad, fashion show of the Fashion House Allegra and the company Đak Sportwere held. Fashion shows were held in a romantic atmosphere of the hall with a fireplace in the renovated part of the hotel.

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Active vacation in the Palisad hotel

Active vacation in the Palisad hotel

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Summer on Zlatibor

Summer on Zlatibor

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Romantic weekend

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